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DC1_430x280If you are like most dog owners, leaving your dog alone each day as you leave for work can cause uneasiness and maybe even a twinge of guilt.

Eliminate the guilt of leaving your dog all alone by allowing them to play with their friends at Doggy Day Camp!  Dogs are naturally social animals and require social stimulation in order to live a fulfilled life.  Just as it does with young children, daycare teaches your dog how to play in an appropriate manner, and helps encourage positive interactions with other dogs.  Running and frolicking with their friends is an excellent way to keep your pet in great shape.

Doggy Day Camp also provides positive mental stimulation.  If a dog is left alone for long periods of time, they can quickly become bored and develop negative or destructive behaviors to help them pass the time.  Some of these behaviors include whining, barking, howling and chewing on family property.  Along with the loneliness and boredom, they can also develop behavior problems such as separation anxiety.

At Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield, a North Raleigh veterinary hospital, we invite your dog to come and play with us and our other canine guests as often as you would like.  We offer a Doggy Day Camp Monday through Fridays.  Our campers enjoy the benefits of running, playing, and exercising with their friends under the supervision of a trained doggy day camp counselor.  Play groups are designed based on each dog’s age, breed, temperament and previous experiences.  Our goal is for each dog’s day to be positive and fun.

Whether day camping for the day, or day camping while they are boarding, our campers benefit from having a frolicking good time!

Social interactions with other dogs are an important part of a dogs life. (please see “Doggy Day Camp Socialization and Behavior Program” )

Day Camp Policies and Enrollment – Acrobat Reader

Doggy Day Camp Social Behaviour – Acrobat Reader

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