wake forest veterinary Boarding

DC3_430x274Leaving your beloved pet in the care of others can be stressful to both you and your pet.  At Companion Animal Hospital, we completely understand those feelings because we are pet owners ourselves!  Rest assured that when you leave your pet in the care of the Companion Animal Hospital team, a North Raleigh Veterinary Hospital, we take every opportunity to make sure your pet is happy and healthy and enjoys their stay with us.  Both our boarding guests, and our hospital patients are closely monitored and supervised by technicians, day care counselors and animal care technicians.

Your dog will enjoy the large fenced backyard and fresh outdoor air. Whether rain, snow, sunshine or sleet, our intrepid kennel attendants walk your canine friend at least 3 times per day.  For an additional cost, your dog can enjoy play times and/or doggie daycare for extended periods of play with our other canine guests.   Our kennels are spacious and made to make your pet feel cozy and loved.  We can bathe and groom your pet upon request also.  We encourage you to bring your pets own food to avoid tummy upsets caused by changes in diet.  However, if you forget to bring it, or choose to use our food, we will make sure their dietary needs are met with a high quality food designed for sensitive tummies.

Our feline boarding room is on the opposite end from the dog kennels.  This provides them with a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.  Each kitty has their own ‘condo’  complete with their own window so that your feline friend can lounge and watch the birds all day long.

For all our pet visitors safety, we require up-to-date immunizations.  If that is something you need us to help you get updated on, we can certainly do that.  Our boarding is quite popular so reservations are required.  Please call well in advance if you plan to board your pet over any of the holidays.  A month or two in advance is ideal and should be plenty of time to ensure your pet’s stay with us!

As pet owners ourselves, we will make sure your pet is treated with the love, attention and care that they deserve.  Put all your worries to rest and enjoy your trip out of town, and if it helps put y our mind at ease, feel free to call and check on them as often as possible.  We will most certainly enjoy the time we get to spend with your pet and we will do everything possible to make sure that they get the best care possible.

Boarding Policies and Agreement Form – Acrobat Reader

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