Prevent Disease with Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Raleigh, NC

Do you want to enjoy as many good years as possible with your furry best friend? Who doesn't! Pet vaccinations can help prolong your cat’s or dog’s well-being. Vaccines boost your pet’s immunity to dangerous diseases that would otherwise make them seriously ill and could even prove fatal. At Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield in Raleigh, NC, we offer pets the safest vaccination protocols available. Call us today at (919) 488-5300 to get your pet vaccinated today.

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Dog And Cat Vaccinations In Raleigh, NC

A Safer Way to Vaccinate

When you bring your pet to Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield, you ensure they get the safest vaccines available as well as a vaccination plan designed with your pet’s lifestyle in mind. In addition to assessing your pet’s risk factors and health status, our doctors adhere to the guidelines set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners in order to offer optimal safety and protection. For cats, we use Purevax vaccines, designed without added adjuvants, which have been associated with injection-site reactions in cats.

Vacciations For Two Dogs

Our Vaccines

Your pet will begin their vaccination protocol at 8 weeks of age. After their initial series of vaccines during their first year of life, they’ll require boosters throughout adulthood in order to maintain an effective level of immunity. We offer core vaccines that we recommend for every pet as well as lifestyle vaccines.

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Titer Testing & Over-Vaccination Concerns

Titer testing is a diagnostic test that measures the level of antibodies your pet has for a certain disease. If their level is high enough, they may be able to forego revaccination for a longer amount of time. Keep in mind, however, that boarding, grooming, and training facilities do not always accept a titer test in place of vaccination.

While we do everything we can to reduce the risk of over-vaccination, we understand you may still have some concerns. We invite you to please talk to us about your pet’s options. We are happy to cater vaccinations to each individual pet’s needs as well as offer titers where appropriate.