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Pet Wellness Care In Raleigh, NC

Pet Exams & Wellness Care in Raleigh, NC

There's a lot of information (and misinformation) out there regarding pet wellness care. At Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield, we know how confusing this can be. Our team is here to guide you to do what's best for your pet's health. When you keep up with your pet’s wellness visits, you enhance their quality of life and play an active role in their continued health and well-being. Choosing to bring your pet to our Raleigh, NC, hospital means you’ll receive extensive time with your veterinarian who thoroughly assesses your pet and makes sure you fully understand every aspect of their health.

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What to Expect with Pet Exams

Pet exams are the perfect opportunity to fully assess your pet’s well-being and for you to discuss any changes in their health, behavior, or lifestyle. Your pet's needs will change as they age, so we tailor every visit to meet those needs. At your wellness appointment, you can expect the following:

Technician Holding Cat
Technician Holding Cat

Providing Intestinal Parasite, Flea, Tick, & Heartworm Prevention

Another essential part of pet wellness care involves parasite prevention. We highly recommend year-long protection because many of these critters can be active all year long. Ticks can be active at temperatures just above freezing, while fleas will often take refuge in your warm home for the winter, putting your pets and family at risk. Mosquitoes, which transmit heartworm disease, do die off in the cold, but they can be active any time of year in North Carolina due to our warm climate and mild winters. Fleas, ticks, and heartworms all pose serious dangers to your pet, including disease transmission. In addition, intestinal worm larvae are invisible in the environment but can be ingested by dogs and even indoor cats. Some of these parasites can even be transmitted to people. With year-long parasite prevention, you can keep your pet safe. Ask your veterinarian about our options for flea, tick, and heartworm prevention at your next appointment.

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Dog Enjoying Time At Daycare

Drop-Off Wellness Services with Daycare

Dropping your pet off for daycare? Let us know if they need any wellness services! We can perform pet exams, vaccinations, and more during their stay with us. Ask us for more information at your next visit or contact us today!

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