Experience Fear Free Veterinary Care in Raleigh, NC

At Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield, our Fear Free Certified Professionals go out of their way to make you and your pet feel at home. We understand how much fearfulness, anxiety, and stress can affect your pet’s life and prevent them from getting veterinary care that helps them stay healthy. That’s why our team is committed to alleviating these issues as much as possible using proven Fear Free techniques. See below to learn a little more about how we do things with your pet’s comfort foremost in mind!

You and your pet can experience the comforts of Fear Free care in person. Call (919) 488-5300 or request an appointment!

Fear Free Certified Professionals In Raleigh, NC

Fear Free Techniques We Practice for Better Vet Visits

We love helping our pet patients feel calmer about visiting the vet. It builds trust and improves the quality of care they receive, and it gives their families peace of mind, too!

Here are some of the Fear Free techniques our team members practice each day:

The Benefits of Fear Free Pet Care

For Your Pet:

  • Reduced Stress: Fear Free techniques mean less anxiety for your pet, and better mental and physical health.
  • Better Exams: When your pet is calm, our vets can be more thorough when performing examinations, and this leads to better health outcomes.

For You:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing your pet is in a stress-free environment can greatly reduce your own anxiety about vet visits.
  • Easier Future Visits: Once your pet associates the vet with positive experiences, future visits become a whole lot easier!
Fear Free Diagnostics
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At Companion Animal Hospital of Wakefield, we’re passionate about going above and beyond to make sure both you and your pet have the best experience. Call us at (919) 488-5300 if you have any questions, and check out this Fear Free resource for pet owners!