Our Team

Megan Wencel

Megan W. Veterinary Nurse

Team Member since 2018
Fear Free Certified

Megan grew up in a house full of kitties from the young age of six. This experience sparked her love of animals and got her first dog as an adult in 2013. That special pup was Malie, a Siberian Husky who quickly became her best friend. Megan began fostering dogs in 2015 and has focused on helping hard-to-place huskies from shelters near and far. This evolved into Megan starting her own transport program where she rescues all breeds from surrounding shelters and arranges transportation to rescue partners in the northern US. Megan volunteers her time running this program through Second Chance Pet Adoptions in Raleigh, NC.

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and previously worked in chiropractics as a registered CA. Ultimately, her passion for animals was where her heart lied.

Megan enjoys working at Companion Animal Hospital for multiple reasons. Her coworkers are supportive, helpful and a joy to be around. They always work together as a team to get things accomplished. On top of that, she enjoys the fact that our doctors have a great sense of humor, and there’s always something to laugh about. Megan enjoys seeing our regular clients and getting to know their pets.

Some of Megan’s favorite things to do outside of work are going to concerts, kayaking, and traveling to new places. And of course, she also enjoys going on long walks with her 4 huskies who always make every day better!

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